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Leather Lounge Suite Specialists in Auckland

Classic. Modern. Beautiful.

A leather lounge suite from Mebel’s exquisite collection can transform your home, bach or office.
Promoting the latest styles and fashions directly from Europe,
we can furnish your home with a superior and captivating look.






Established in 2001 to provide architecture, engineering and interior design services and became a leading name within the sector working on a variety of projects including villas, flats, offices, retail spaces, hotel, school and bespoke furniture.


German company who have be designing strong, long-lasting furniture for over 70 years. Still a family run business, Hülsta are renowned the world over for their high quality, beautifully designed furniture. In typical German fashion, Hülsta furniture is built to last, with each piece put through strenuous testing before being sent throughout the world.


Hong Kong based sofa manufacturer has been founded in 1991 and since became one of the leading leather upholstery manufacturers with a strong reputation across all the continents. Violino is combining the latest designs with the latest production techniques to produce upholstered products with exceptional quality and exquisite craftsmanship.


Founded in 1980s, LIMITLESS design studio initially functioned in customer made for high end consumers in Holland. We believe high quality is out of tranquility and equilibrium. Limitless design centre is composed with brilliant designers from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and China.

Natuzzi Edition

It is the result of 60 years of passion, innovation, and Italian design. And a production process that is entirely Made in Natuzzi: from initial design to final assembly, every stage takes place exclusively in factories owned by the group.

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